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The Best Solutions For the Land

Soilfood is a circular economy company, whose goal is to replace virgin raw materials with recycled materials in large volumes and quickly. At the same time, we work in co-operation with our customers to reduce emissions and increase carbon removals with help from the soil. 

We handle the side streams of over 40 industrial customers in Nordics. Our customers include the world’s leading paper and pulp and bio-energy industry companies as well as the food industry and biogas plants.​ For farmers we offer organic fertilizers, exceptionally effective limes and soil improvement fibres, not to mention agronomic expertise in product use.​

When the most sustainable choice is also the most profitable, everybody wins.

paper and pulp industry

Sustainable way to improve factory profitability

We offer side stream processing services, which help companies achieve their emissions and recycling targets.​​ We refine nutrient, fibre, lime and carbon-based side streams into high-quality fertilizers and soil improvers.​ Soilfood uses industrial waste streams as a material and not as a fuel. It is a true circular economy, where materials are given a new life.

Our promise to industry is to provide an easy, sustainable way to improve plant profitability:​​

  • Optimal lifecycle profits or minimal lifecycle costs.​​
  • The most responsible and sustainable reuse.​​
  • The most reliable and safest comprehensive service.​​

From Farmer to Farmer

Through their quality, price or effectiveness, Soilfood’s products always provide the best solution, thus supporting the farmer’s business.

Our range includes organic fertilizers, exceptionally effective limes and innovative soil improvement fibres. The products replace fossil fertilizers mass-produced by global giants with locally produced recycled fertilizers.

New approaches and effective products make it possible to:​

  • improve the efficiency of nutrients​
  • improve soil fertility
  • decrease production costs.​
Soilfoodin toiminta perustuu vankkaan viljely- ja maaperäosaamiseen.

Interested in working with us? Please contact.

Eljas Jokinen

Group CEO
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Mattias Gustafsson

CEO, Soilfood Sweden Ab
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Mari Jokinen

VP, Marketing and communication
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Our role is to make changing the world easy

Soilfood is an example of how crisis awareness and the desire to change the world becomes business. We realized that it takes a large industrial scale to drive a significant change in the manufacturing of agricultural products and the material efficiency of industry.

In 2015, we set out to make the idea a reality. We set up a circular economy company whose role is to make changing the world as easy as possible for farmers and industry.

When the most sustainable is also the most profitable, it is a win-win for everyone.