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Soilfood Ltd is a Finnish company founded in 2015 providing a full service of side stream and product utilization for the forest, bio-energy, food, mining, chemical, and environmental industries.

From the received side-streams Soilfood processes fertilizer and soil improver products for agriculture. Besides products, we provide a full range of advisory services to agricultural clients enabling farmers to improve the profitability of farming.

The name Soilfood comes from the term ”soil food web”, a complex living system in the soil with all its food chains. The microbiota of a healthy soil enhances the structure of the soil, recycling of nutrients and health of plants. Soil’s high crop performance ensures high yields with low emissions and enables carbon sequestration in the soil, thus mitigating climate change. By recycling industrial by-products and nutrients, we saved 24,057 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2018, which is equivalent to 2336 Finns’ annual carbon footprint.

Services for industrial clients

We take full responsibility for the using of side streams from the place of their formation, enabling our industrial clients to focus on their core businesses and gain added value because of the ecological and economical utilization of side streams according to the principles of the circular economy. We take full care to utilize the waste of the entire annual production under the Fertilizer Product Act. We recycle about 200 000 tons of industrial side streams a year.

Soilfood has in Finland unique expertise and experience in utilizing side streams of bioenergy and forestry industries turning these into recycled fertilizers and soil improvers for agriculture, horticulture, and landscaping. We provide to our partners a long-term, ecologically and economically viable alternative for utilizing side streams. Currently, our customers include UPM, Stora Enso, Gasum and Metsä Group, to name a few.

Soilfood is also operating on an international scale

As the problems of sustainable and cost-effective utilization are global, Soilfood also offers its expertise internationally. Our first clients outside Finland are in Estonia and Sweden. We base our export on a replicable and always locally implemented concept, on by-products of local industry, on new refined products for improving local production, and on Soilfood’s strong know-how.

Despite its national scope and internationalization, Soilfood shall always operate locally. We continue to provide solutions for agriculture through Soilfood’s regional experts. The processing, logistics, and distribution of recycled fertilizers and soil improvers are always handled by regional contractors.

Soilfood has a very comprehensive network of experts to support research and product development projects and we take part in several Finnish research projects coordinated by our partners and research institutes.

If you are interested in working with Soilfood, please contact Eljas Jokinen.

Eljas Jokinen